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  • GM-9B portable diesel fire pump
GM-9B portable diesel fire pump

GM-9B portable diesel fire pump

  • Flow is up to 480L/min
  • Pressure is up to 4.5bar
  • Match with 11HP diesel engine
  • Suction lift up to 7m
  • Product description: GM-9B type fire pump is portable design matching with 182FB type diesel engine, it is electric start with auto charging device, the bronze vacuum pump, automatic stop protection device make it workin

GM-9B type Portable Fire Engine Pump performance:

Fire pump Item: GM-9B
Machine Size: 590*560*570
Engine Type: 4-Stroke, 182FB,Single cylinder
Max Theoretical Power: 11HP/3600rpm
Oil Consumption: 3L/H
Fuel Tank Capacity: 6L
Engine Oil Capacity: 0.7L
Starting System: Direct Injection
Flow Rate: 480L/Min
Outlet Pressure: 0.52Mpa/65m
Inlet/Outlet Caliber: 65/65mm
Priming Time: ≤20s


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