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XBD-S electric split case fire pump

XBD-S electric split case

The XBD-S split case fire pump is axially single stage doubl...

XBD-S diesel split case fire pump

XBD-S diesel split case fi

The XBD-S split case pump is diesel driven on a common base ...

XBD-D electric multistage fire pump

XBD-D electric multistage

XBD-D electric multistage fire pump and XBD-DL vertical mult...

XBD-DL vertical multistage fire pump

XBD-DL vertical multistage

The XBD- DL Series vertical multistage fire pump is vertical...

XBD-SL vertical inline fire pump

XBD-SL vertical inline fir

The XBD-SL type inline Pump is vertical type for fire protec...

XBD-ZX self-priming fire pump

XBD-ZX self-priming fire p

The XBD-ZX Series Fire Pump is self-priming and no need to a...

XBD-IS eletric end suction fire pump

XBD-IS eletric end suction

The XBD-IS type end suction pump also widely used in fire pr...

GM-22B portable diesel fire pump

GM-22B portable diesel fir

GM-22B type fire pump is portable design matching with R2V87...

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