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  • Diesel Split Case Fire Pump - Spark Fire

    XBD-HS split case fire pump can also be diesel driven at 1500rpm,1800rpm,3000rpm,2200rpm, can match with Cummins, Clark engine to supply water to pipe, sprinkler and hydrant systems in fire fighting

  • Water pump split case - Spark Fire

    The XBD-S split case fire pump is axially single stage double suction pump and similar performance to AC fire pump and lower cost than XBD-HS type

  • Split Case Fire Pump - Spark Fire

    The XBD-HS series electric fire pump is double suction single stage split case type.The axially design make it easily to maintenance. it is closed impeller and energy saving,comply with NFPA20 with AN

  • Horizontal fire pump - Spark Fire

    The XBD-S split case pump is diesel driven on a common base plate for fire fighting with a fire controller to control the whole pump set, Cummines, Clark engine is optional

  • NFPA20 Fire Pump - China manufacturer

    The XBD-IS type end suction pump also widely used in fire protection field for high quality and low cost to supply water to pipes, sprinkler, fire system and also used for fire pump packge

  • Portable Fire Pump - Spark Fire

    The XBD- XA can also be diesel fire pump- end suction design,usually we will match with Cummins, Deutz or Chinese brand engine,the pump set will match with fuel tank,battery,couplings and fire pump co

  • Fire Pump End suction type - Spark Fire

    The XBD- XA series electric fire pump is end sucton type with back pull out design, it has long shaft and close coupled type,It is DIN24255 standard,it is developed as enegy saving pump and match wit

  • Multistage Fire Pump - Spark Fire

    The XBD-D Series fire pump is multistage pump type with high pressure to use in special condition that need large pressure. the diesel set always used in mines, coals for dewatering and fire fighting

  • Fire Water Pump - Spark Fire

    XBD-D electric multistage fire pump and XBD-DL vertical multistage fire pump are high pressure fire pump, these are driven by diesel engine or electric driven, China pump manufacturer

  • Vertical Multistage Fire Pump - Spark Fire

    The XBD- DL Series vertical multistage fire pump is vertical type to save room and usually as jockey pump, theyare lightweight and compact for smaller flow but high pressure

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